Before taking the GATE Aerospace Engineering exam, GATE PATHSHALA offers more than fifty online tests to help with concept and numerical practice. It also helps to become accustomed to the online calculator that is used in the exam.

GATEJI-Gate Pathshala (Exam Prep) online test series is the most suitable preparation resource as it provides a complete revision of the GATE AE syllabus in a structured manner, helps you practice in an exam-like environment, and lets you improve your score to the desired goal.

Key Features:

  1. Topic wise tests (20 No.)
  2. Subject wise tests (14 No.)
  3. Grand Subject wise tests (6 No.)
  4. Mock tests (10 No.)
  5. All questions are explained with detailed solutions following the test.
  6. These online tests can be attempted on both Mobiles / Computers.
  7. The virtual calculator used in GATE exam is integrated within the GATEJI platform.


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